Trying to figure it all out, one pic at a time
Dance artist and choreographer
Always hungry
Bird on a wire
I fucking hate instagram
Scenes from an imaginary film
Happiness is a state of mind
Like a dream and a show so is this world
Obsessive sun hunter II
Observer Dreamer
Nice Hair, Shame About Your Face takes its title from a comment that a 'friend' made to me around the age of 9.

Full quote: You know Jocelyn, you have such nice hair… shame about your face.

After seeing ‘before and after’ pictures of a woman on Instagram where the after had been unrealistically edited, I thought about the pressure that people now feel to look beautiful both online and in real life. Not long after that I discovered the world of selfie editing apps where you can change every physical aspect of yourself, though I was more interested in my face due to comments such as the name of the series. This series is an exploration of those apps.

(This is a selection of images from the series)

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