14th October 2012 II
4th August 2012
12th October 2012
14th October 2012 II
21st November 2012
6th September 2012
1st August 2012 II
20th December 2012 II
31st August 2012
15th November 2012
'I’ve come to realise lately that all we have in life is our mind and bodies... I feel a lot of the time that my mind and body aren’t connected and that my body is just a shell for my mind. I have more control over changing as a person with my mind than changing my body.' -16th December 2008.

This series explores learning to accept yourself through the act of taking photographs. In 2012 I noticed the wear and tear of my gradually ageing body, and experienced moments in life when you realise that your mind and body is all that you've actually got.

(This is a selection of images from the series)

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