31st December 2014 (Grandad's Pyjamas)
13th July 2015
5th January 2015 II
17th September 2015
21st July 2015
6th September 2015
24th April 2015
13th April 2015
8th May 2015
2nd June 2015
Amalgamated Anomalies follows three projects that were about learning to love and accept myself and my body: Your Mind & Body Is All That You’ve Got parts I & II and Covering The Carpet. Anxiety is something that runs through all of my projects, but this is the first one that mainly addresses it.
Since moving to London in late 2010, I had primarily been making self-portraits in my bedroom as I had been too scared to make them outside. I told myself that as long as I could make images that I had not made before then I was allowed to stay inside, so for the project I desperately searched for ways to make new photos in the same space as Covering The Carpet had mostly been made. The project came to a natural end when I forced myself to photograph myself outside.

(This is a selection of images from the series)

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