27th February 2013
27th September 2003
6th March 2013 II
6th March 2013
14th November 2003
23rd May 2013 II
16th July 2013
8th September 2013
13th March 2013
25th July 2013
After finishing Your Mind & Body Is All That You’ve Got I felt that a bit happier within myself, but I still felt like I had a lot of work to do. By now I had also realised how therapeutic my practice was (and continues to be) for me. The first part of the theraupeutic process is taking them, then the second part is showing them. Like the previous project I sat in front of the camera when I felt that I had something to express or when I felt nothing at all.
When beginning this project I had just started an MA in Photography and had proposed making work relating to my teenage diaries. I was typing them up and decided to include entries that I had written 10 years previously when I was 14/15 that I felt related to the feelings within the work. When showing this series for the first time I was more nervous about revealing the writing than the photographs. 

(This is a selection of images from the series)

Your Mind & Body Is All That You've Got II

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