I took a decision to surf the net to do it for a new acquaintance.
I humbly apologise with every due respect for any embarrassment my action in contacting you might cause you.
I'm very clever and skilful internally and you will be astonished when you know me better.
How old are you? Write me something about town where you are accommodated.
In a century so full of people who hunt meaningless moments, I'm just a lady who supposes that finding a person to awake with is more important than having a person to sleep with.
Just don’t be offended with my words but your skin is not good.
Please I will like you to write to me and tell me your mind.
My photos are 100% real.
BABE... I guess you're not getting any of my emails huh? I’ve been trying to email you so many times but this damn laptop is such a piece of garbage and keeps freezing.
My heart is seeking for a true lover that will bring joy and happiness back in my life.
Bare Images was made by scanning myself with a page scanner.
The title and captions are from spam emails that I have been collecting since 2010, due to my interest in the language that is used. Together it tells one side of an email exchange of a woman looking for love.

(This is a selection of images from the series)

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