I started Oh Me, Oh Mãe III after deciding I wanted to stop writing hashtags for my work, and instead experiment with writing and poetry.

Visually the work is a continuation of my previous motherhood work, but the majority of the photographs so far are of me imitating my children. This grew out of not wanting to show my children's full faces within my images; when they appear in my work (usually for family portraits) I crudely edit over their features.

I have always compulsively made work. At the moment, I aim to do a shoot a week and write something daily.

I am currently posting the photographs and text to my Instagram account.
Suckling Sonnet (25th / 26th October 2023)
You are twenty months old and the time has come
To say goodbye to this chapter and close the book
On my breastfeeding adventure, yes, my boobs’ job is done
You want no more of my milk, not a 1000th look
I am proud of my nipples of steel that once used to blister
Now instead of nursing I just open and close the fridge door
I feel sad, but less guilt than the shorter time feeding your sister
Who before six months lost interest and wanted no more
I had always assumed that the task would be easy
That it was natural and we would all know what to do
Though with B it was hard and not at all breezy
And when it came to an end I longed to continue
Again, I would have liked for it to go on, but I can end this journey happier
As this suckling spree was much better, and thankfully not crappier.

Imitating B Playing With Curtains & Imitating L Playing With A Cup (8th / 9th November 2023)
Barely making a sound
But I’m told to calm down
While my kids sit down in protest
Not against wars, but me
To hide would be good
Behind curtains, under hood
Invisibility would be better
Beside the sea
A cup for a nose
While the Atlantic breeze blows
And I’m walking backwards
Just trying to be
Often loneliness calls
When I’m stuck staring at walls
Fumbling over foreign words
Not drinking tea

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