Rupinder Kaur
Rupinder Kaur
Marking the 70th anniversary of the partition of India from the UK, the British Council’s Reimagine India is a cultural exchange programme investing in creative collaborations between art and cultural organisations in England and in India.
With a successful bid for funding from Reimagine India, Creative Black Country and Multistory, with support from the Nazar Foundation, commissioned 4 photographers (Uzma Mohsin, Andrea Fernandes, Jennifer Pattison and myself) to make projects about Punjabi women and girls in the Black Country and the Punjab.
After reading in the 2011 Punjabi census that for every 1000 boys that were born - 895 girls were born, I chose to look at how it is being a daughter of the Punjab and made a series of photographs that move between hiding and revealing, and question the visibility of girls and women.
The title, You Will Live In This World As A Daughter, is inspired by lyrics in the song Middle of the Night by The Soviettes - 'He said, "Now listen girl I'm your father, and you will live in this house as a daughter"'.
Girl Gaze: Journeys through the Punjab & the Black Country, UK brings together my project and the work of the other 3 commissioned photographers and was first shown at Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi in Chandigarh from 10th to 18th March 2018. Iona Fergusson curated the show.
Girl Gaze is currently being exhibited in the UK at Blast! Festival until 29th June 2019.
It is being shown at The British Muslim School, Lodge Road, West Bromwich, B70 8NX, and is open Wednesdays to Saturdays from 11am to 4pm.

(A big thanks to all the women and girls involved in the project as well as my wonderful producer/translator Deepika Sharma and everyone at the organisations who commissioned the project - particularly Iona Fergusson, Parminder Dosanjh and Emma Chetcuti).

(A selection of images from the series)
Riya stood on her roof with her back to the camera. She is holding onto a washing line and has a long plait down the right side of her back.


Sarbjit & Spiders

Kiran, Tanisha, Amani & Jasmeen (British Bindi)

Installation shots of You Will Live In This World As A Daughter in Girl Gaze: Journeys through the Punjab & the Black Country, UK at Punjab Lalit Kala Akademi in Chandigarh, India.

Installation shots of the series in Girl Gaze: Journeys through the Punjab & the Black Country, UK at The British Muslim School in West Bromwich, UK, as part of Blast! Photo Festival.

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